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The group "4U" consist of the Owens' siblings being, Robert Owens,
Sylvia Owens, Tony Owens and Eugene "Bug" Owens
from Orlando, Florida.

Their CD titled "Just For You" was released in 1996 and immediately
climbed the Billboard charts! They were headed for stardom but that
was very short lived. The group trusted the management team
that came together to promote them and promises were made
that never materialized and almost forced each one
of them into bankruptcy.

Please check back soon we shall have more information available and
hopefully we can have these family siblings to become more involved. Due
to circumstances their "Just For You" CD just now became available as you can
observe below it's on iTunes now. More stores are being added. Please
share their music with your family and friends! Please listen to their
music it will reach inside and touch your soul!




This video was the only one made and the title of the song
is "Home" from the family's "Just For You" CD/Album.

This video was shot on location in Miami Beach, (South Beach) Florida.
We are trying to locate the actual master of the video,but this
video was released on MTV, VH1 and BET.

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