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John Joseph was born and raised in rural Gillingham, Kent, England UK, the son of a dairy farmer
and nurse. John spent most of his childhood working on the farm and enjoying outdoor pursuits
such as horse riding and shooting. He attended local schools where he excelled academically,
at swimming and athletics. When he left school he attended one of the Mid-Kent Colleges
studying Business, but soon found this was not where he wanted to be. He left, then did a
few jobs including working on a building site, under-pinning, public house management,
retail management and back to the family farm - but none of these were where John's
 heart was, and he longed to do something more creative. His love of music began at
an early age on the farm, where he would sit for hours picking out melodies on the
old pianolla which he was always asked to play at family get-togethers. For his
fourteenth birthday he was given a Cavendish double deck electric organ with
some on board rhythms and accompaniments, "I used to play old classic
songs and make them into a fox trot or a March, or something equally
John attended the Anthony Wade School of Music to learn to play piano properly but it was apparent
from the fourth lesson that Anthony Wade felt John's talents lie elsewhere. He started asking John
to pitch notes vocally - and was astonished at the range and versatility of John's voice. John has
showcased his own material at London's West One Four for the Original Song Writers
and has been invited back twice and also for Granada Television's Showcase TV.
John has performed throughout the United Kingdom.
John is very capable delivering the full extent and power of his "5 octave voice".
Some fans have remarked that he is the "male version" of Mariah Carey!


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